Quuppa selected by Airbus as IOT Asset Tracking Provider

aeronautics hangar

Quuppa, a global provider of Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS), has been selected by Airbus to power the company’s indoor asset-tracking solutions.

Quuppa’s market-leading RTLS technology enables assets to be accurately tracked, analyzed and managed in order to improve efficiency and provide a rapid return on investment.

The Quuppa RTLS platform connects various IoT devices, so that their on-site location can be identified with greater efficiency and their condition determined. The Quuppa technology enables better management and utilization of assets across the entire production line.

Quuppa technology was first tested by Airbus at the beginning of 2016 to identify logistic assets on its shop floors. From 2019 onwards Quuppa was incorporated into Airbus’ facilities and is now being scaled-up.

“For companies like Airbus, where their assets are high value and their supply chain is very complex, it’s vital that they can track, manage and analyze each asset. Since 2016 we have worked closely with Airbus to help them connect their assets and are delighted to see the value it has brought them in terms of time savings and increased efficiency.”

Sammy Loitto, CEO at Quuppa

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