PDi Digital Partners with Quuppa to Launch First sepioo® Display to Show Accurate, Location-Based Information

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  • PDi Digital’s sepioo® range of digital e-paper displays are the first on the market to provide highly accurate, real-time-locating with ultra-low power battery management.
  • Quuppa Buetooth-based AoA technology provides location data down to sub-meter accuracy.
  • Trackable sepioo® displays are the logical successors to Bluetooth-based tracking tags. Location-based information is distributed straight to the point of use. 
  • Use cases in logistics, manufacturing, and other areas of Industry 4.0 possible.
  • Austrian IoT specialists PDi Digital, alongside their technology partner – Finnish RTLS market leader Quuppa – have announced the launch of a new technology for sepioo® displays. With the capability to distribute accurate, location-based information – with ultra-efficient power consumption – the innovation is a first in Industrial IoT and a key differentiator for PDi Digital on the market.

    The integration of real-time, location-based information into readable digital displays is a giant leap forward, one that brings sepioo® displays beyond the competition. With the Quuppa-PDi solution providing accurate indoor location (complementing existing outdoor GPS positioning and indoor “zoning” capability), the result is a powerful blend of position sensing technologies at an affordable price point. 

    The extension into real-time location tracking makes sepioo® the market’s first locatable display – one that opens the door to countless use cases in industry. Whereas regular locatable tags can track asset position, sepioo® displays can now do this while enabling customers to display information on the asset as well.

    Meanwhile, the sepioo® SaaS platform collects data to provide a digital map of real-time location and display information. This can be used to trigger automated actions when objects travel a defined distance, or if they enter or leave geofenced areas. Implementation is simple. Vastly improved position accuracy can be activated for existing installations of sepioo® displays.

    Moving forward, both PDi Digital and Quuppa predict a huge potential value for location-based services, especially in the context of Industry 4.0. The sepioo® IoT displays combine accurate, real-time tracking with reliable information distribution, packaged in a durable, battery-powered device that promises to revolutionize digitalization. 

    The future of digitalization will rely on having the right information, in the right place, at the right moment. With our sepioo® SaaS platform, our customers can use the power of location-based information to gain transparency and optimize processes.” 

    Markus Rumpf, PDi Digital CTO

    We are thrilled to welcome PDi Digital to the Quuppa partner ecosystem. Adding the PDi Digital IoT Displays products to our Tag portfolio will open many new opportunities for us and our partners globally. We know there is high interest and demand for a fairly-priced tags with more intelligence in logistics, manufacturing, and retail sectors.

    Sammy Loitto, Quuppa CEO

    The combination of e-paper ESL and Quuppa RTLS is a breakthrough for the whole industry. It connects location and digital information. In particular, the manufacturing and logistic sector benefits from enhanced real-time visibility, which in turn boosts flexibility, responsiveness, and productivity of the operation.

    Peter Schmallegger, Head of Global Sales and Marketing at PDi Digital

    About PDi Digital GmbH 

    PDi Digital is a global leader in Industrial IoT and digitization technology. With its revolutionary sepioo® software-as-a-service platform and in combination with its groundbreaking portfolio of wireless IoT displays and sensors, it represents the benchmark for delivering digitization and efficiency gains in manufacturing, logistics and warehousing, healthcare, digital signage, car dealership and other verticals. PDi Digital is a subsidiary of SES-imagotag, the global leader in ESL for retail.

    About Quuppa  

    Quuppa is the leading technology provider for real-time locating systems (RTLS). We offer a complete platform to serve companies in a range of industries, including manufacturing and logistics, retail, healthcare, sports, law enforcement, and security. For more information, please see quuppa.com.

    Learn more about this exciting partnership here: Datalogic and Quuppa partner to offer a solution for accurate tracking throughout the supply chain.

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    Sari Arjamo-Tuominen / Chief Marketing Officer

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