Optimising the manufacturing process with real-time tracking systems

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Manufacturing and Logistics operations are already seeing huge gains by removing bottlenecks and increasing speed with the help of Real-time tracking Systems or Indoor Positioning Solutions.

Manufacturing companies strive to be more productive and efficient. However, complex processes with different components, assembly steps and tools can make it difficult to obtain a clear overview of the company’s operations.

With tracking, we can measure the time in each production step, which enables cost estimates and analysis of where improvement measures should be taken. It is important to continuously receive new metrics to monitor the work and validate corrected measures.

Companies use ERP systems to control their operations. Unfortunately, they are based on estimated costs for each step of the process. However, the cost is not static for manufacturing processes. To optimise this variable, real-time data is required for the entire process.

This is exactly what Quuppa, a leading real-time location system (RTLS) provider, and Orange Business Services, a global network-native services company, are working on. Their solution provides a complete overview of each part of the production process by equipping components, tools and other devices with trackable tags. In this way, it is easy to see in real time when, where and why problems occur.

“Many of our projects follow a similar pattern,” says Johan Jeppsson, IIoT & Industry 4.0 Solutions Architect, Orange Business Services. “The first step is to determine our current efficiency and ensure we have the correct data. The process can be optimised by removing bottlenecks and increasing speed. With the help of more advanced analysis tools, such as AI and machine learning, we can analyse and optimise the entire business.”

Orange Business Services helped Safran Aircraft Engines  find a solution to optimise the tracking and management of their tools in large-scale production areas. The solution makes it possible to find out where their tracked tools are located – remotely and in real-time.

– Manufacturing and logistics companies are already seeing huge gains with indoor positioning solutions, says Sammy Loitto, CEO, Quuppa. We have a customer in the metal industry, Kloeckner Metals, that has reduced its loading times from 45 to only 7 minutes and increased its delivery level by $ 20,000 per day by tracking 4,000 units. Their investment paid off in just 4 months.

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