PDi Digital
sepioo D4.2 B

The PDi Digital sepioo 4.2-inch e-ink display device meets the needs of industrial IoT applications for asset management and process optimisation in smart factories, hospitals, warehouses and logistics. The larger display can show more content and makes it readable from a greater distance.

Bright, multi-colour LED can attract the user’s attention where action is required. The device’s buttons complete the user interface of the ultra-low power display, ensuring the timely presentation of location information.

PDi Digital sepioo D4.2 B

Technical Specification

Model Sepioo D4.2 B
Applications Asset tracking
Size 103.5 × 84.5 x 15.1 mm
(without LED)
Weight 97 g (incl. batteries)
Battery type and capacity 3 x CR2450 (1680 mAh)
IP Protection IP65
Radio certification FCC, IC, CE

Quuppa Proprietary channels 2403 and 2481 MHz
Operating temp range 0°C – +50°C
Functionality E-ink display (400 × 300 pixels),
two buttons,
two LEDs (white and RGB), accelerometer,
NFC (13.56 MHz)


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