Quuppa Positioning Engine (QPE)

The Quuppa Positioning Engine (QPE) is the heart and soul of the system. It receives data from the Locators, runs it through advanced positioning algorithms and offers a standard JSON / REST – push / pull API that enables seamless integration with other systems. The QPE can be run locally or as a cloud-based platform.

Tag & Sensor Monitoring

The Quuppa Positioning Engine allows users to monitor detailed information for all tags, both online and offline. In addition to tag positioning, it is also used for other sensor data such as heart rate or temperature.

Push/Pull API

QPE features JSON REST pull API and UDP Push or file logging for positioning data and tag measurements. It allows users to select from multiple position data filters which align best for your use case.

Locator Monitoring

In addition to tags, the QPE Web Console allows users to gain detailed information about all of the Locators in the system.

Quuppa Data Aggregator

Aggregate data from multiple QPEs into one API. This feature is best used when multiple QPE tracking areas are at play e.g. indoor and outdoor areas which may see the same tag at the same time.

How to get started

The Quuppa Development Kit is meant to be used for evaluating the Quuppa Intelligent Locating System™, studying system integration feasibility, and building software applications and services for demonstration purposes.

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