Quuppa Intelligent Locating System™

The Quuppa Intelligent Locating System™ is a powerful technology platform for location-based services and applications for indoor positioning. It provides accurate, real-time positioning using Quuppa AI (advanced proprietary algorithms for Direction Finding) and Bluetooth® interoperability.

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Every project starts with a plan. During the planning phase, users have the ability to assess system requirements and scope the scale of projects. Our comprehensive Software Suite allows users to understand the software tools and features required to plan a Quuppa project. Users should train and learn how the Quuppa Intelligent Locating System works in order to plan a successful deployment.

Locator Calculator

Estimate the required amount / type of Locators for any given project or environment using the Locator Calculator.

Custom Floor Plans

Import custom 2D floor plans and determine Locator placement.

Estimate Coverage

Optimise your tracking area with coverage render estimate tools for optimal Locator placement.

Configure Tags

Configure your tags for effective power consumption, refresh rate & other settings based on your environment.

Simulate Test Environments

Simulate test environments to verify your deployment plans. Also use Simulator to develop & test applications and components which interface with QILS.

Dimension Hardware Capacity

Dimension hardware capacity to ensure you have the right hardware in place to support your Quuppa project.

Training & Learning

Train & learn how QILS works to increase your knowledge and understanding of the system before committing to a live deployment.


Benefit from high-quality, reliable hardware with options to suit your environment. Use our tools to manage your own project files, licenses, billing and more. After deployment, users are able to gain real-time insight in to the status of both assets and people.

GenerationQ Hardware

Benefit from high-quality, reliable hardware to suit your environment.

Focusing Wizard

Focusing Wizard in QSP allows users to accurately & conveniently position installed Locators.

Custom Tags

Easily configure & assign Quuppa QT1-1 or Partner / Compatible Tags to your project.

Quuppa Customer Portal

QCP is a secure, web-based client, allowing you to manage your subscriptions, licenses and project files.

Quuppa Positioning Engine

QPE is the heart & soul of the Quuppa Intelligent Locating System™. It runs data through Quuppa’s AI to compute accurate location.

IoT Gateway

Additionally QPE acts an IoT gateway for other sensor information such as heart rate or temperature.

Monitor System Performance

Use versatile tools for monitoring system performance, tracking, presenting and analysing results.


Get more out of your deployment by developing custom applications which benefit from location-based services. Use both software and hardware to scale your solution across different projects and environments. Benefit from a low maintenance system, low total cost of ownership & high operational value.

Unified API

QPE offers a unified API (JSON / REST) enabling seamless integration to other solutions. Select from multiple data filters which align best for a specific use case.

Create Zones

Create Zones in deployments to send location-based triggers / commands to tags when they enter or exit pre-defined areas.

Optimise, Expand & Scale

Optimise, Expand & Scale your deployments through tag configurations, locator types / densities & multiple QPEs.

Mixed Integrations

Develop mixed integrations with varying locator types, tracking areas, multi-floor buildings or multiple facilities & sites.

Aggregate Multiple QPEs

Aggregator allows users to take data from multiple QPE tracking areas like indoor & outdoor environments and view them in a single window.

Advanced Statistics

Use visuals like heat maps, tables and trajectories to analyse statistics.

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Quuppa Software Suite

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Quuppa Positioning Engine
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Quuppa Site Planner
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Quuppa System Simulator
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Quuppa Data Player
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Quuppa Customer Portal
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GenerationQ Locator
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GenerationQ Tag
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Superior Battery Life
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QT1 Module

Integrate Your Tags
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