Quuppa Intelligent Locating System™

The Quuppa Intelligent Locating System™ is a complete technology platform for location-based services and applications. It provides accurate real-time tracking for tags, devices and sensors. The Quuppa System is a reliable, versatile, highly customisable, fully scalable and cost-effective Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) solution for all industries.

At its core, the Quuppa system uses Locators to receive signals from Tags, and the Positioning Engine calculates the locations and relays the data. In addition, the system provides a comprehensive toolkit for planning, testing, configuring, installation, management, and integration with other systems.

The system features and functions are presented below at different layers.

Quuppa Intelligent Locating System

Partner ApplicationsQuuppa has a growing ecosystem of Partners who bring their expertise and domain knowledge to develop end-user applications that meet the specific needs of their customers.

Applications can range from simple tracking and monitoring solutions to complex systems that integrate with other IoT devices and platforms.

Using the Quuppa system as a foundation, Partners can offer their customers state-of-the-art technology solutions to enhance their operations and drive their business forward.

Quuppa Site Manager (QSM) is an essential tool for Enterprise users who want to control all their Quuppa systems from a single web-based interface. It allows users to manage deployments efficiently, monitor system status and performance, perform system updates and configure integrations with other systems.

Quuppa Mobile Deployment Tool (QMD) simplifies system deployment and reduces the time and resources required for installation. It allows users to perform a streamlined installation process via their smartphones. It also allows dividing the work and having an entire team working on the same project simultaneously. It provides a user-friendly interface that guides the user through the deployment process, allowing even untrained personnel to install and configure the system.


Quuppa Rules Engine allows users to create custom rules and actions based on data received from tags and sensors. These rules can be used to automate processes and trigger actions in response to specific events or conditions, such as sending notifications or adjusting environmental controls. With a simple interface for creating and modifying rules, the Quuppa Rules Engine is a powerful tool for streamlining operations, improving efficiency and reducing costs through automation.

Quuppa Customer Portal is a web-based platform designed for Quuppa customers to manage their Quuppa systems and access various resources and support services. The portal provides access to software downloads, documentation and technical support. Through the portal, users can access tutorials, training materials and a community forum to connect with other Quuppa users and share knowledge and best practices.

Quuppa Positioning Engine (QPE) is the core software of the Quuppa Intelligent Locating System™. It receives data from the Locators, runs it through advanced positioning algorithms and provides a standard JSON / REST – push / pull API that allows seamless integration with other systems. The system provides accurate and reliable positioning in real time, with updates as frequently as 50 times per second

Quuppa Controller is an edge device preconfigured with the Quuppa Positioning Engine software and designed to connect to the Quuppa Site Manager. This enables secure, real-time, full-duplex communication between the Controller and the Site Manager. In addition, the Quuppa Controller also provides a local API for critical real-time applications such as collision prevention.

Quuppa Lite is the perfect solution for use cases where precise location throughout the facility is not mandatory, but where reliable real-time presence detection is still required.

For example, there are situations where it is sufficient to know how many empty pallets you have available in your warehouse. However, as soon as a pallet is used and moves through the production line, it is essential to know its precise location at any given time.

The Quuppa Lite fully supports Quuppa’s backchannel features, making it a perfect data gateway for sensors and other devices. This enables seamless integration with other IoT devices and systems and provides additional functionality and data insights. The Quuppa Lite is a cost-effective way to expand your system and can be easily upgraded to provide a more accurate location should your needs change.

Data Gateway allows the Quuppa System to collect and transmit additional sensor data alongside location. This data can include information such as temperature, humidity, air quality and machinery status.

The Data Gateway feature extends the capabilities of the Quuppa system beyond location data, providing organisations with a powerful tool for monitoring and managing indoor environments. This is particularly useful in environments such as warehouses, factories and hospitals, where monitoring environmental conditions is critical for maintaining the quality and safety of goods and services. It can also help organisations identify potential failures before they occur and schedule maintenance accordingly to avoid costly downtime and repairs.

Quuppa Locators act as the receiving units for the Quuppa Intelligent Locating System™. They receive signals from tags or other Bluetooth-enabled devices and send the data to the Quuppa Positioning Engine, which uses advanced proprietary algorithms to calculate the locations.

Quuppa offers two Locator models: the Q17 for indoor use, and the Q35 for outdoor and harsh industrial environments. Both Locators are powered via Power over Ethernet (PoE), which provides power and data connectivity through a single Ethernet cable. Additionally, they can be powered and connected wirelessly via USB, making them a versatile option for different use cases.

Quuppa Q-Port is a passive, Power over Ethernet (PoE) powered device that acts as a cable concentration unit for the Quuppa Locators. It allows for creating a star topology arrangement for the Locator network, which in turn simplifies infrastructure installation and management, significantly reduces cabling and lowers deployment costs, especially in larger areas.

Quuppa Q-Link is a wireless bridge that allows the Quuppa Locators to be connected to the network via the built-in Bluetooth connectivity option. This is particularly useful for extending the Quuppa system to areas where pulling Ethernet cables is not practical or possible, such as outdoors or other hard-to-reach locations. However, the Locators still need to be powered via USB. Therefore, Ethernet cables are the primary and recommended method for connecting the Locators, as they provide both power and a more stable and consistent connection.

The Quuppa system is compatible with various Bluetooth tags, devices and sensors.

Our all-purpose tags, the QT1-1 and QT3-1, are small, lightweight tags with a button and LED, ideal for tracking assets or people. The QT1-1 has a battery life of up to three years, while the QT3-1 offers a battery life of up to ten years and is only slightly larger than the QT1-1.

In addition, our partners offer tags with various form factors and functionalities to meet specific use cases and requirements. Asset tags, ID badges and wristbands are just a few examples.

With the ability to make virtually any Bluetooth device trackable, the Quuppa system is a comprehensive tracking and monitoring solution for various industries and applications.

With our IoT gateway functionality, the Quuppa system can act as a hub for Bluetooth-enabled sensors, providing location and sensor data from a single source.


Quuppa Site Planner (QSP) is a software tool that allows users to design, plan, deploy and configure their Quuppa systems. It helps users optimise Locator placement, achieve optimal coverage and accuracy, and evaluate the performance of their deployment.

Quuppa System Simulator (QSS) is a powerful tool that allows users to simulate and test their Quuppa systems in a virtual environment. It generates data equivalent to the data from the physical installation, allowing users to evaluate and optimise system performance and develop end-user applications in the early stages of the deployment process.

Quuppa Data Player (QDP) is a powerful tool for replaying recorded data and analysing system performance. The visualisation tools offered by the software, such as heat maps and spaghetti diagrams, allow users to gain valuable insight into tag or device movement, identify areas of high or low traffic, optimise Locator placement and evaluate system performance under different scenarios. By using these visualisation tools, users can improve the accuracy and coverage of their systems and better understand the behaviour of tags or devices within the system’s coverage area.