Our company is dedicated to provide services based Quuppa Tracking technology. At the moment these are the different services we provide:

Bgps is a Framework, which allows you to create custom graphical interfaces, integrated with Quuppa.

Using our 2D or 3D interfaces it will be able to maximize the interaction with Quuppa, replicating the reality, with the style that you will give to your product.

Synapses, in addition to the graphical interface provides a server, which is responsible to manage and save all Quppa data, making them available to applications, Web portals or cloud services as well as their own interface.

Here are the data processed by our server that you can then view in SYUX:

  • Max/ min speed
  • Average speed
  • Distance traveled
  • Tag alarms in areas not yet covered
  • History of the movements of a TAG
  • Relations between TAG
  • Interconnections between TAG
  • Alarm from a TAG
  • Sending of ‘alarm to the nearest tag
  • Alarm Enter your reference tags.

Other service:

  • Planning with different options according to the project budget and reliability required in the event of fault tolerance.
  • 2D and 3D tracking installations or hybrid.
  • Physical installation.
  • Setup of the system once installed by adhering the high standards of precision guarantee from Quuppa technology.
  • Configuring Tag


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