Driven by Synapses, BlueGPS integrates the prowess of Quuppa Tracking technology into an all-encompassing middleware solution. Harness the power of real-time location services to streamline your projects and leverage Quuppa data with heightened efficiency and clarity.


Key features:

  • Data Visualization: Experience clear, detailed maps without compromising data integrity.
  • Custom Environment Configuration: Personalize your space by setting zones, establishing logic, and receiving timely notifications at various touchpoints.
  • Standard Process Integration: Benefit from a system that readily connects with standard processes and logic, ensuring consistent cross-platform communication.
  • Handling of Complex Environments: Navigate multifaceted settings with ease, from multi-floor and multi-building infrastructures to varied geographies and timelines.


Data insights accessible via SYUX:

– Speed parameters: Maximum, minimum, and average speeds.

– Distance covered.

– Alarms for tags in non-tracked zones.

– Comprehensive TAG movement history.

– Relationships and interconnectivity between TAGs.

– Real-time alarms and proximity alerts for TAGs.

– Custom alarm setups for reference tags.


Our services include:

Project Planning: Customized strategies designed around your budget and reliability needs, emphasizing system resilience.

Tracking Solutions: Select from 2D, 3D, or hybrid tracking systems to align with your specific demands.

Physical Installation: Our dedicated team ensures installations align with Quuppa’s stringent standards.

Tag Configuration: Expert assistance in calibrating TAGs for peak performance.


Global and flexible Adaptability

Multilingual Support: BlueGPS speaks your language, literally. With support for every language across the globe, we ensure seamless communication regardless of your geographical location.

Versatile installation options: Flexibility is at the heart of our offerings. Whether you’re leaning towards cloud-based solutions or prefer an on-premises setup, BlueGPS is designed to adapt to your preferred environment seamlessly.

Developer-friendly tools: Dive deep into customization and integration with our comprehensive SDK (Software Development Kit). And with over 3,000 APIs at your disposal, you’re equipped to tailor the system to your exact requirements, ensuring a snug fit for any project or enterprise.

With BlueGPS, we’re not just offering a solution, but a globally adaptable, developer-friendly platform designed for optimal flexibility and efficiency. Whatever your needs, BlueGPS is geared to meet and exceed them.

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