Pyramid Computer GmbH

Pyramid Computers has a 30+ year track record of excellence as a system manufacturer. With factories located in Germany and Taiwan and sales offices around the world in the UK, USA, and Europe, Pyramid is capable of covering sales in all major markets.

The Pyramid difference comes from our ability to build our own PC technologies and touch screens. Our high level of component manufacturing provides us the opportunity to create, slim, elegant and highly integrated designs without compromising on functionality. Pyramid Kiosks are extremely flexible and easy to maintain. Our screen focus sizes are 22”, 27″, and 32” and our Pyramid polytouch® kiosk designs are successful in the retail sector with high-end department stores such as Marks and Spencer and ticket transaction kiosks available in AMC theaters. They are equally well suited for hospitality and high volume QSR’s. You can find our self-order kiosks in many McDonald’s restaurants in the US.

Our patented Pyramid Localization System (PLS) allows QSR operators to customize individual dining experiences by introducing table service for self-ordering guests. This technology can accurately pinpoint a guests’ location within 1 inch.

Pyramid is a leader in innovative technology in the retail sector such as our Interactive Mirror solution, currently deployed in the Adidas flagship store in New York.

We offer a variety of standard or customizable Pyramid polytouch® kiosk solutions via our sales partners as well as OEM labeling.

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