JE Project Ltd

JE Project Ltd is a custom software development company focusing in adapting the software to its clients workflow and needs.

That’s where JE TECH comes, designing the tools that will make your work easier and more efficient.

We design your website from scratch to reflect your company’s ideals and needs and we manage your ongoing changes to keep it up to date. We guarantee a great and fast experience, whether you are using a large monitor or your mobile phone.

Digital Marketing
Take your digital presence to the next level! You know your clients and we can target them. Creative, innovative content combined with Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media best practices and AdWords is the key to bring traffic to your page and maximise your sales.

Custom Software
We create your own software that works just right for your business. Being made around your needs makes the solution more cost-effective and a lot more flexible as it can constantly adapt to your changing business requirements.

Tracking Systems
Track multiple moving people and objects in real-time. They can be personnel, shoppers, athletes, medical equipment, forklifts, horses, a golf club or whatever you can think of. Our tracking system is real-time, accurate, highly customisable, full scalable and cost efficient.

Get advantage of our ready templates which can be customized to cover your specific needs and brand. An ideal solution for professionals introducing their services and products, or for conferences, camps and anything with a schedule.

Make a statement with clean, elegant and good design! We design everything from scratch, with your brand in mind and we make sure your digital presence is unique, tasteful and easy to use. Our CustomersHospitals, doctors, shipping companies, retail stores are only some examples of customer list. Contact us, share your vision and speak about your needs. Our job is to find the perfect solution for you

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