IoTdc is an Internet of Things focused distributor of connected hardware and device-related applications. Operational since March 2019, we have sold over 35,000 devices into the South African channel and abroad.

Our mission is to provide technology integrators, and -resellers with a single-window distribution platform to access quality-verified connected devices and supporting services quickly, reliably and seamlessly.

We work closely with an international supplier base to bring a standardised product set to the IoT market. We’re strictly channel-focused (B2B), servicing predominately Solutions Integrators, IT/IoT-resellers and Telcos. Our product set covers a variety of market verticals (ex. agriculture, mining, smart homes, retail, medical, construction, manufacturing and more) through pre-defined and tested bundles.

We specialise in scouting, testing, stocking and supplying hardware to ensure the device layer of our customer’s IoT-project is fit-for-purpose and budget-sensible. By partnering with world class vendors like Quuppa, IoTdc believes there is an opportunity to standardise product sets in the IoT-stack by guiding the solutions architect to our partner products, thus eliminating the complexity of screening through various suppliers with varying degrees of product integrity.


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