Haltian is a global IoT solution provider from Finland. Haltian IoT solutions include the Empathic Building digital twin end-to-end solution for smart buildings, offices, and hospitals and the Thingsee IoT device solution, which enables faster IoT launches for mass-scale deployments.

Haltian IoT solutions provide workplace occupancy and utilization data in 3 different ways. The simplest and easiest way to start with is to measure data with a sensor-free solution through Empathic Building digital twin. A user can simply book and reserve spaces and rooms with the application. Second, to get a more holistic and accurate measurement of workplace occupancy and utilization, IoT sensor installation can be applied. For this purpose, the Thingsee IoT device solution supports data collection for desk and meeting room occupancy, visitor counting and environmental conditions. Third, to make it more robust, Thingsee and Empathic Building integrate with 3rd party data providers such as Quuppa for real-time indoor positioning.

Intuitive Empathic Building

Haltian Empathic Building is a digital twin solution that focuses on improving employee well-being and happiness at the office. It is a complete end-to-end solution that combines IoT sensor technology with intuitive digital twin software. It makes office users’ everyday tasks easier and simpler, helping them find the right workspace and colleagues, share information, and voice their feelings. Empathic Building also provides valuable data for activity-based working, space improvements, maintenance and optimization, room and desk booking, and workplace analytics.

Empathic Building collects data from Haltian’s own Thingsee IoT device solution and other third-party hardware and software providers. It’s easy to use, promotes a safe environment for collaboration and employee empowerment, and finally, the data available enables companies to make data-driven decisions for space optimization to create the best possible working environments. Because of this, Empathic Building is a good solution for returning to the office after COVID-19.

Scalable IoT Device Solution

Thingsee IoT device solution is a cost-effective, secure, and flexible solution for smart buildings. Thingsee IoT devices collect data on building occupancy, visitors, air quality, and environmental conditions.

Thingsee IoT device solution consists of battery-powered, small sensors connected in a mesh network, gateways with in-built cellular connectivity, and a cloud solution to manage the device lifecycle. Battery life extends up to 10 years, and with preconfigured devices, installation at the office is as easy as possible.

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