Helping companies minimize risk of employees currently working, and enabling remote workers to come back to work in a safe environment.

CompanyTRAK, the enterprise platform providing a Daily Health Check, Contact Tracing, Social Distancing, Visitor Health Check & Tracing, and a fully integrated portal to control, report, customize and communicate.

Employees start off with a daily questionnaire to monitor their health and minimize risk of exposure by stopping any possible infected employees from entering the building. Throughout the day, CompanyTRAK traces interaction of employees and logs them for future reporting of symptomatic or positive individuals.

If employees breach the recommended 6-foot safety distance, they are provided an alert with haptic and visual warnings. If they stay in that area, the contact is logged and reported in the CT Portal.

The same solution is implemented for visitors. Prior to arrival, visitors are provided a URL to fill out the health survey. If they pass, when they arrive, they are assigned a device to trace their interaction with employees while at the building.

All of this is integrated in a portal with multiple admin levels, reporting, control and integration capabilities. From identifying contacts of a positive tested employee to integration of thermal scanning kiosks, the CT Portal enables companies with the technology they need to get their employees back and keep them in a safe, minimized risk environment!

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