BlueUp is active in BLE market from 2014 with its first beacon based on iBeacon technology. BlueUp designs and manufactures BLE beacons, tags and sensors based on main market technologies for identification, localization, tracking and sensing. BlueUp has an extensive portfolio that includes fixed proximity beacons, asset tags, wearable devices.

BlueUp is Quuppa Partner from 2017 and cooperated with Quuppa team since the development of first devices operating in Quuppa Emulation Mode. Present catalogue includes Quuppa Approved tags (based on Quuppa firmware libraries and fully certified from Quuppa), Quuppa Compatible tags (based on Quuppa firmware libraries) and Quuppa Emulation Mode tags (BlueUp firmware that supports at same time iBeacon, Eddystone and Quuppa).

Quuppa Approved tags include: BlueUp Card (badge-like tag for people and assets), BlueUp Tag (keyfob-like tag for people and assets), BlueUp SafeX (wearable tag with multiple enclosure options), BlueUp Forte+ (industrial IP67 asset tag).

Other BlueUp tags containing Quuppa compatible firmware: Quuppa Brick (industrial IP67 long-life wide-temperature asset tag), Quuppa TagX (compact asset tag), BlueUp Badge-Holder (wearable tag with badge-holder format).

Additionally, BlueUp can provide tags for hybrid localization systems, like tags simultaneously supporting mesh-network technology (for zone-based mesh-network IPS) and Quuppa Emulation technology (for accurate AoA RTLS).

BlueUp also provides the following services:

  • design and manufacturing of custom Quuppa tags and pucks;
  • consultancy for Quuppa RTLS infrastructure and applications;
  • provisioning of Quuppa-technology infrastructures (locators, tags, Quuppa software);
  • partnerships with service and software-solutions providers for complete end-to-end solutions supply for verticals.

Learn more:

Ph: +39 344 2030929 / +39 0577 043101

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