PDi Digital
sepioo D2.6 B

The PDi Digital sepioo is a compact 2.6-inch e-ink display. It meets the needs of industrial IoT applications for asset management and process optimisation in smart factories, hospitals, warehouses and logistics.

Bright, multi-colour LED can be used to get the user’s attention where action is required. The buttons of the device complete the user interface of the ultra-low power display, ensuring the timely presentation of the location information.

PDi Digital sepioo D2.6 B display device

Technical Specification

Model Sepioo D2.6 B
Applications Asset tracking
Size 80.1 x 40.4 x 13.1 mm
(without LED)
Weight 38 g (incl. batteries)
Battery type and capacity 2 x CR2450 (1120 mAh)
IP Protection IP65
Radio certification FCC, IC, CE

Quuppa Proprietary channels 2403 and 2481 MHz
Operating temp range 0°C – +45°C
Functionality E-ink display (296 x 152 pixels),
two buttons,
two LEDs (white and RGB), accelerometer,
NFC (13.56 MHz)


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