Save Lives with Real-time Location System in Healthcare

Monitoring the location of every patient, doctor and asset in real-time enables hospitals to respond faster, operate more smoothly and provide better care to patients.

Location-based healthcare solutions offer a wide range of benefits, from saving lives to improving user experience and patient care.

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Quuppa RTLS Benefits for Healthcare

Faster & better care

  • Respond quickly to patients and monitor patient roaming
  • Prevent patient misidentification, falls or medication errors
  • Monitor hand hygiene compliance
  • Prevent the spread of infections through alerts, contact tracing and quarantine monitoring

Enhanced safety

  • Control Access and automatically open doors for authorised personnel
  • Prevent unauthorised visitors or child abductions
  • Enhanced emergency response

Smooth & cost-effective processes

  • Facilitate ER patient triage and management
  • Manage Inventories: automate counts, monitor and maintain optimal temperatures, alert of the medication expiry date
  • Optimise workflows, routes and layouts
  • Prevent asset overlapping by tracking assets and digitising work orders


Key Features

  • Sub-meter accuracy for following hand hygiene compliance
  • Real-time Positioning for preventing child abduction
  • Open Tag Design for trackable wristbands
  • Open API for easy integration with hospital management system
  • Use as an IoT Gateway to e.g. monitor vital signs.

At Stavanger Hospital, a Haltian Empathic Building, real-time health systems is not about monitoring equipment and patients, it’s about tracking progress towards better care.

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