Quuppa Unveils Go-to-Market Strategy to Disrupt Real-Time Indoor Positioning Market

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Broad ecosystem of best-of-breed partners helps speed location-based services, solutions to market.

Quuppa, a company that delivers the world’s most advanced indoor positioning technology, today announced its go-to-market strategy to provide open, low-cost and scalable solutions for applications that demand the most accurate, real-time positioning of assets and people. Quuppa is the first indoor location company to take an ecosystem view of the market, providing an open positioning platform both in terms of hardware and software APIs, where each company focuses on what it does best, helping speed time-to-market. The Quuppa Ecosystem currently includes more than 70 best-of-breed companies worldwide.

Organizations across a range of industries, including manufacturing and logistics, retail, healthcare, sports, law enforcement and security, government and others rely on Quuppa and its ecosystem partners to unlock the full potential of indoor location-based services without compromising accuracy, compatibility or cost.

“The indoor location market, including IoT and Industry 4.0, is too big and multifaceted to be served by a single company,” said Kimmo Kalliola, CEO of Quuppa. “The skills and expertise required to build the best location positioning are different than those for hardware infrastructure, which are different from those to develop services for industry verticals or integrate with customer systems. Partners within the Quuppa ecosystem not only provide customers access to the best technology, but also to a suite of partners that can reliably drive projects quickly to a successful completion.”

Companies within Quuppa’s ever-growing ecosystem include dozens of best-in-class partners who deliver software solutions, tags and installation services, as well as system integrators and solution providers that provide end-to-end solutions to customers. This includes companies such as Tieto Corp., Fujitsu Ltd. and Lufthansa Industry Solutions AS GmbH.

“We have been working with Quuppa more than three years and it is still the only tag-based indoor positioning solution that can deliver amazing accuracy in complex, maze-type office environments. Only with Quuppa we can show location data to end users as it is in our Empathic Building service,” said Tomi Teikko, Heart of Empathic Building, Tieto Corp.

“Quuppa’s location technology is reliable and highly accurate, and it helps keep our IoT solutions very competitive in challenging environments in Japan and around the world where we deploy our location based solutions,” Hiroyuki Goto, vice president, Retail & Logistics Division, Innovative IoT Business Unit, Fujitsu Ltd.

Built on the World’s Best Positioning Technology

The global indoor location services market is expanding rapidly, with emerging applications that are expected to grow the market to reach $58 billion by 2023—a compounded annual growth rate of 42%—according to KBV Research. Because of its strong technical performance, low price point, openness and interoperability, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) has emerged as a leading technology for widescale market adoption.

Unlike other positioning companies, who are mainly calculating position based on the received signal strength (RSSI), Quuppa calculates position via a unique combination of BLE and the Angle of Arrival (AoA) methodology, as well as its advanced location algorithms that have been developed over the course of more than 15 years. The BLE standardization for real-time location services (RTLS), using the AoA method is forthcoming, and Quuppa is considered the pioneer of the BLE standard for global indoor location services based on its work using this method.

In addition to its technical superiority and 15 year head start in developing standards-based solutions, Quuppa has four key differentiators that, together, distinguish it from other solutions in the indoor positioning market:

Accuracy – Quuppa can localize physical tags and smartphones with an accuracy down to 10-15 cm and a fraction of a second delay, providing real-time location updates, even for fast-moving items such as hockey pucks.

Accessibility – Quuppa offers both hardware and software integration possibilities. Based on Quuppa’s open platform, companies can develop their own software applications, BLE tags or smartphone applications (iOS and Android), ensuring the end customer requirements are fully met.

Versatility – Quuppa is the only indoor location technology that can be setup to adapt to a wide range of environments for satisfying a wide range of needs; for tracking with sub-meter accuracy for both smartphones as well as for tags, to providing only proximity and presence detection, from tracking in wide open areas, to delivering accurate location in harsh and cluttered environments.

Scalability – Quuppa’s technology not only performs in labs and controlled environments, it is already in use every day in large venues such as sports arenas, retail stores, multi-floor buildings, factories, multi-building hospitals and medical centers, tracking of thousands of tags and smartphones. Being easy to plan and commission, while allowing reliable operation and monitoring is key. The Quuppa technology delivers an attractive total cost of ownership (TCO) because of its low-cost and long-lasting tags, removing the need to replace or recharge batteries.

“Thanks to the open architecture of the Quuppa system, we are not only able to capture accurate location information for all kind of objects, but also information about their condition,” said Dr. Holger Schlüter, associate director IoT/Industrie 4.0 at Lufthansa Industry Solutions AS GmbH. “This allows us to implement a variety of process improvements in several industries. Quuppa offers us the flexibility we need to integrate our own sensors and tags. This enables us to subsequently extend our capabilities. An electronic kanban system and the digitization of forklifts are examples of this.”

To learn more about Quuppa and its powerful solutions for indoor location services, visit Quuppa at quuppa.com or at Mobile World Congress 2018 in Hall 3 Stand 3B10 in the Finland Pavilion. For companies interested in learning more about joining Quuppa’s partner ecosystem, visit https://quuppa.com/ecosystem/.

About Quuppa

Quuppa has raised the bar for indoor positioning, delivering the world’s most reliable, accurate indoor location positioning thanks to its unique combination of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and the Angle of Arrival (AoA) methodology, as well as its advanced location algorithms that have been developed over the course of more than 15 years. The Quuppa ecosystem has more than 70 partners around the world today who are using Quuppa’s open positioning platform to deliver accurate, cost-effective indoor location solutions to companies in a range of industries, including manufacturing and logistics, retail, healthcare, sports, law enforcement and security, government and others.

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