How Quuppa is ‘Crossing the Chasm’ with its Partners

Explorers in cave chasm

What a coil of rope and a pair of grippy boots are to a cave explorer, the Quuppa Partner Ecosystem is to a tech innovator.

You see: just like cave explorers, anyone working with emerging technologies is obsessed with crossing a chasm.

In technology adoption, this chasm lies between the specialist early adopters on one side and the generalist early majority on the other. Superb technology can, of course, find a niche market in the former, but the real juicy success is only achieved by getting the latter on board.

We have partners on both sides of the chasm, and that’s why we’re so invested in bridging it. The bridge we are busy building is the Quuppa Partner Ecosystem.

Positioning Engine Reaches Across

Let’s visualise an example. On the left side of the chasm, we might find a pioneering software developer who has come up with an ingenious location tracking solution. On the right side, we have an established consultancy firm that has been tasked by a multinational retailer to improve the efficiency of the client’s warehouse logistics.

The software developer has the drive and the enthusiasm but lacks status and proven references. The consultancy, on the other hand, has the resources and the know-how but lacks the latest technical expertise. Both need to reach across.

This is where the partner ecosystem shows its true strength. At the heart of the ecosystem is the Quuppa Positioning Engine, which companies on both sides can use to address their differing needs.

As the engine already has proven successes in various applications, fields, and markets, it offers the tech innovator companies on the left side of the chasm an opportunity to leverage its credibility in their offering. This way, they won’t have to start from scratch or reinvent the indoor positioning wheel. Instead, they can scale up quicker and shorten their time to market.

The companies on the right side can be confident that solutions using the Quuppa Positioning Engine are tried, tested, and scalable – even if those who offer these solutions are not yet household names. The strength provided by the ecosystem means that these bigger companies can easily pick and mix from ready-made elements and tailor the kind of complete solutions their end customers value.

App Store Thinking: Yes to Partners, No to Giants

Even though the market for indoor positioning solutions is expanding at an incredible pace, the concept of indoor positioning cannot yet be considered truly mainstream. Right now, the entire field is at the point where smartphones were in 2007: everyone agrees about the usefulness of the idea, but ubiquity is still somewhere around the corner.

Our belief is that the Quuppa Partner Ecosystem creates an amplifying effect for all partners and can shift the entire indoor positioning market from niche to mainstream. A bit like the concept of an app store did for the smartphone field.

The partner ecosystem idea is at the core of Quuppa’s existence. In the Quuppa Positioning Engine, we have a fantastic tool – but that tool in itself is meaningless without our partners who put it into context. This is our role in the value chain, and we are committed to it. We have no intention of stepping on our partners’ toes because we firmly believe that the entire indoor positioning market can only break into the mainstream through the cooperation of a multitude of partners, not through the monopoly of a single giant.

Because of this unwavering trust in the partner ecosystem model, we want to invest in developing it further. Our goal is to make our platform even easier to use for our partners on both sides of the chasm – until the chasm is no more.

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