IDK Digital expects to reach new markets in Latin America with Quuppa

IDK Digital, a leading Brazilian RTLS technology startup operating in the energy and natural resources sector, and Quuppa Oy, a leading provider of indoor positioning technology based in Finland, announce their newly formed partnership for the Latin American region.

IDK Digital uses the AoA positioning method developed by Quuppa and the matching hardware for the development of an real-time locating system (RTLS) with submetric indoor positioning to locate people and assets in hazardous work environments, improving security and preventing accidents. This solution uses machine learning, big data, IoT and Bluetooth® to locate any tagged workers or assets in the workplace, track their latest position, create and manage restricted areas with geofencing, manage emergency drills and evacuations and provide analytic data about incidents, areas, people and more.

Quuppa technology improves IDK Digital’s solution by making its location system more accurate and reducing battery consumption, thus, making this solution less expensive and even more efficient. With this partnership, IDK Digital expects to reach new markets, make progress with product development, technology and innovation. This solution benefits the segments that IDK Digital already works in: energy and natural resources. Moreover, any given industry with a labor force under a risky environment could benefit from it.

New partnership, new opportunities

“This new partnership with Quuppa brought new visions and opportunities for IDK Digital. The high quality of the technology and the solution provides us with greater flexibility, opening doors to new markets and more innovation.” Leonardo Almeida, Co-founder of IDK Digital.

“Quuppa relies on its strong ecosystem of partners, who incorporate its RTLS technology into solutions that provide greater visibility, safety and improved business processes in many different verticals. Our partnership with IDK Digital, combines the best of RTLS technology with the IDK Digital application engine, bringing productivity and worker safety solutions into healthcare, industry and manufacturing environments.” Seth Noone, Regional Vice President of Quuppa, Americas.

About IDK Digital

IDK Digital is a Brazilian technology startup operating in the energy and natural resources sector, developing a real-time locating system (RTLS) for workforce and assets tracking for indoor locations. Through digital technologies such as cloud, IoT, machine learning and big data, IDK Digital´s goal is to ensure a safer work environment and avoiding accidents, thus, mitigating risks in the workplace. For more information, please see

About Quuppa

Quuppa has raised the bar for advanced location systems, delivering the world’s most open, accurate and reliable location positioning thanks to a unique combination of Bluetooth®, the Angle-of-Arrival (AoA) and Angle-of-Departure (AoD) methodologies, advanced location algorithms and management software tools that have been developed over the course of more than 15 years. To date, the Quuppa Ecosystem has more than 180 partners around the world who use Quuppa’s open positioning platform to deliver accurate, cost-effective location solutions to companies in a range of industries, including manufacturing and logistics, retail, healthcare, sports, law enforcement and security, government, asset tracking and others. For more information, please see

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