Finnish Hockey League and Wisehockey sign a five-year contract

Finnish Hockey League Liiga and Wisehockey have signed a five-year contract on the Wisehockey hockey analytics platform. After the successful 2018–2019 pilot season, Wisehockey will expand to all Liiga arenas making the Finnish League the world’s first fully digitalized hockey league.

The Wisehockey hockey analytics platform is developed by the Finnish software company Bitwise and is powered by the Quuppa Intelligent Locating System™, which provides real‑time puck and player tracking.

“Digitalization of Liiga is a unique achievement,” says Wisehockey CEO Tomi Mikkonen. “In Finland, we have accomplished something that even the world’s biggest hockey leagues have not been able to do. During the last season, the real‑time data we gathered was used in completely new ways not just on arenas but also in television and betting services. Together with Liiga, we are looking for more innovative collaboration and new partnerships.”

“We are very proud and excited about this achievement of Bitwise”, says Quuppa CEO Kimmo Kalliola. “From the technology perspective, tracking hockey players and the puck in real-time means raising the bar of indoor locationing to the very extreme, and Bitwise has done the same with their Wisehockey analytics platform. The dedication and effort they have put into developing Wisehockey to a fully finalized and scalable solution is remarkable, and now the world is open for them! Naturally, also the fact that the Wisehockey-Quuppa combination is a fully Finnish product makes us very proud. Finland is truly the leading country both in ice-hockey and top-class technology.”

Congratulations also to HPK for winning the Finnish Hockey Championship 2019!

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