DIVIS relies on tagless BLE location technology from Quuppa

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Creating added value for customers is one of DIVIS’ guiding principles in the development of sustainable solutions.

The company wants to provide every logistics company that uses their video management system with a 100% custom-fit setup. DIVIS customers benefit from an optimal cost-benefit ratio through custom-tailored functionality, long-lasting products and rapid amortisation.

The profitability of DIVIS’ complete solution for video management is not only resulting from the high-performance software developed by DIVIS, but also from up-to-date hardware and the implemented technologies. That is why not only the company’s software applications are evolving continuously, but DIVIS is also constantly expanding its partner network with providers of high-quality and proven products.

With Quuppa, DIVIS has recently gained such a cooperation partner for their portfolio. By this they are setting new standards. In addition to UWB (= Ultra Wideband), DIVIS now also offers the tagless Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) location from Quuppa, a state-of-the-art technology for scanner location with Location+. This means that the company can now tailor DIVIS’ video management system even better to the needs and on-site requirements of their customers.

“With Quuppa we have gained a strategically important partner who impresses with innovative and high-quality products. This cooperation is a win-win for everyone. Our goal is to offer sustainable solutions with added value. We can now do this even better with another highly developed location solution that can flexibly adapt to existing scanner hardware and not vice versa. No tags necessary. This is a big plus for our customers in terms of installation effort and costs. With regard to the long-term growth of our solutions and the BLE technology, from our point of view the merger of Quuppa and DIVIS is a valuable milestone in the future-oriented market position of both companies. “

Hendrik Reger, Managing Director of DIVIS

Quuppa Chief Marketing Officer Thomas Hasselman is equally convinced that a lot can be achieved together:

“We are very convinced of the innovative and competent solution approaches of DIVIS, as in our opinion they form the basis for the broader advancement of ‘Precise Real-Time Location’ applications.”

“The partnership with DIVIS is very important to us as a Finnish company in many ways. On the one hand, it gives us joint access to the logistics industry with the associated geographic markets in Central Europe. On the other hand, we are very convinced of the innovative and competent solution approaches of DIVIS, as in our opinion they form the basis for the broader advancement of ‘Precise Real-Time Location’ applications. We are certainly only at the beginning of a promising future in a rapidly growing market.”

The Bluetooth® Low Energy technology from Quuppa offers DIVIS customers numerous advantages, above all greater flexibility in the use of scanner hardware. The location works without the usually required tags or transponders. Instead, their purpose is fulfilled by an app developed by DIVIS, which is installed on mobile terminals. In many cases, this enables a much faster initial provision of the location. The management of the devices to be located is also a lot easier with the app. It allows for effortless integration of large numbers of scanners (e.g. driver scanners in addition to hall scanners) into the location system. If new scanners are purchased, retrofitting is also uncomplicated, thanks to the app.

By opting for innovative partners and by using future-oriented technologies, DIVIS creates solutions that optimally relieve their customers in their day-to-day logistics and that are also ready for the requirements of tomorrow.

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