9.0 Release – Fast Track to Location Data

As your business evolves and takes on new challenges, Quuppa will continue to ensure that our offering meets and exceeds your expectations. We are thrilled to launch the 9.0 release, which takes a significant leap forward by delivering features in terms of ease of use, versatility, cost optimisation and security, tailored to the evolving needs of large enterprises and benefitting smaller organisations.

Q-Link – with Long Range and Increased Capacity

Q -Link 9.0

In our pursuit of broader applicability, Quuppa brings you Q-Link – an advanced wireless connectivity option that simplifies deployment in challenging environments where running network cables is impractical.
The 9.0 release doubles the capacity of Q-Link, making it suitable for a wide range of use cases and environments, such as logistics, manufacturing and hospitals. With a maximum range of up to 15 metres in confined spaces with the Q17 hub and satellites, and an impressive 100 metres in open environments with the Q35 hub and satellites, Q-Link provides a seamless wireless connection and supports your RTLS needs like never before.


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Simulator Offering – Simulate First in a Virtual Environment

Simulator Offering 9.0

No more hassle with hardware or network configuration – with Quuppa Simulation you experience value creation before technology. Plan, modify, learn, test and optimise every step seamlessly without the need for physical hardware.
Discover the Quuppa System Simulator (QSS), a robust tool that allows you to simulate different use cases with a large number of tags and tag configurations for different types of assets. The simulation offering provides easy access to Connectors & APIs that enable seamless integration with Quuppa systems and use case validation in a virtual environment.


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Rules Engine – Your Digital Twin with Automation

QRE 9.0

The Quuppa Rules Engine (QRE) is a middleware platform for the Quuppa Intelligent Locating System™, enriching raw location data with additional contextual information to create a digital twin of a facility’s operational landscape. It enables users to quickly locate specific assets, replay historical location data, query past events, and create custom rules and actions in response to real-time data from tags and sensors.
Streamline operations, improve efficiency and cut costs by automating processes triggered by specific events or conditions. The intuitive user interface of the Quuppa Rules Engine ensures simplicity in rule creation and modification, putting automation at your fingertips. Empower your workforce by providing relevant information to the right people in real-time, and improve process visibility in your facility.


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Controller – Selection for Seamless Deployment

Onlogic controllers

Choose one. Quuppa Controllers offer a ready-to-use solution for smooth and easy deployment. The intelligently designed edge devices come pre-configured with the Quuppa Positioning Engine software. The Controllers connect seamlessly with the Quuppa Site Manager, enabling secure, real-time, full-duplex communication, that increases the overall reliability of your RTLS deployment.
Our new Controller offering scales with your needs, providing options for different project sizes from small pilot projects to large commercial ventures.


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