Quuppa RTLS Technology Overview

The Quuppa Intelligent Locating System™ is a powerful one-size-fits-all RTLS technology platform for location-based services and applications. It provides accurate and real-time tracking for tags and devices using unique Direction Finding methods and advanced proprietary algorithms.

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Quuppa RTLS for Indoor Positioning & Tracking - Architechture

Key Benefits of Quuppa RTLS

Most Advanced Technology

Most reliable, robust and proven technology using unique direction finding methodology & advanced algorithms.

Superior Accuracy & Reliability

Achieve real-time, sub-meter accuracy consistently with a long range, even for fast-moving objects in the most challenging of environments.

Simple Scalability

Manage multiple projects across multiple sites to build a truly scalable location-based solution.

Extreme Versatility

Leverage Bluetooth® interoperability to access a world of billions of trackable sensors, mobile devices such as smartphones, barcode scanners & more.

Easy Integration

Quuppa's open API makes it easy to integrate into your existing systems according to your needs & innovate by building future-proof applications.

Maintenance-free Infrastructure

Benefit from a reliable & robust infrastructure, even in challenging environments, that is maintenance-free & comes with inbuilt telemetry & monitoring.

High Return on Investment

Cost-effective, long-lasting tags, ease of deployment, care-free operation & active remote monitoring. All of which contribute to a high return on investment (ROI).

Use as an IoT Gateway

The Quuppa system can be used as a gateway to the Internet of Things (IoT), receiving and exposing data from a wide range of Bluetooth® devices.

Growing Ecosystem

Join our growing ecosystem of 200+ partners developing Quuppa Technology and leverage from existing market solutions.

No Vendor Lock-in

Select from best in breed software, hardware components and service offerings to complement your key competences.

Fastest Time to Market

Leverage existing product offerings from global leading providers to get your solution to customers as quickly as possible.


How Quuppa RTLS Compares To Other Technologies

RTLS or Indoor Positioning Technology comparison - Quuppa

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