Deploy Quuppa Locators

In addition to planning Quuppa projects and Locator placement, the QSP is also used for deploying the Quuppa system. This is done once the physical installation of the Quuppa system has been completed.

In the deployment stage, you will measure the position and orientation of the Locators and add the data into the project file using the QSP. This will enable the system to calculate the positioning data of tracked items relative to the installed Locators. By taking care to accurately position, identify and focus the Locators, you will improve the tracking results later.

This section will provide you with instructions related to the deployment of Quuppa Locators. For more information about the full deployment process, please see the Quuppa Development Kit Quick Start Guide.

Note: You can also use the Locator Table to access the deployment tools in the QSP. For more information about the Locator Table, please see the View & Edit Locator Settings Using Locator Table section.