This section will cover some of the basic troubleshooting tips when using the QSP. If you have further questions, please contact the Quuppa Support Team via the Quuppa Forum.

I cannot find a feature described in the documentation in my QSP

Please check that you are using the latest version of the QSP software, available for download in the Quuppa Customer Portal's Downloads section. We are constantly working on improving the features and functionalities of the QSP and new features are made available by the new software releases. To make sure you have access to all available features, always update your QSP to the latest version. You can even enable notifications in the Quuppa Customer Portal to make sure that you do not miss any updates.

I have made changes to my project in the QSP but can't see them in my deployment

Please make sure that you have save the changes and resubmitted your project to the Quuppa Customer Portal. The Quuppa Positioning Engine gets its information via the Quuppa Customer Portal (QPE) so it is important to have up to date information submitted. You can also do a file sync for the QPE manually using the QPE Web Console to make sure that the server is using the right project files.