Compatibility Guide

Quuppa software is tested most extensively on Linux and so Quuppa recommends the use of Linux for Quuppa systems wherever possible. In some cases, the software is also tested on other OS versions. This document shows an overview of the OS versions that to date have been tested and verified with the following Quuppa software:

  • Quuppa Positioning Engine (QPE)

  • Quuppa Site Planner (QSP)

  • Quuppa Data Player (QDP)

As the user interface may vary depending on the platform, Quuppa recommends running the system on platforms that have been tested and verified by Quuppa.

Tested Versions

In the table below, you will find the setups that Quuppa has tested for running the Quuppa software. Using the latest tested versions will give you access to the latest features for optimising your project (e.g. the ZGC garbage collector requires JRE version 15 or newer). The table is intended to be used as a rough guide for users setting up a new Quuppa system or updating an existing one (with the exception of Development Kit, which should only be updated using the in-built Update Controller functionality).


Ubuntu 22.04, OpenJDK 18[1], Tomcat 9 (recommended)

Ubuntu 20.04, OpenJDK 16, Tomcat 9

Ubuntu 18.04, OpenJDK 11, Tomcat 8 (minimum)

Windows 10 Pro, OpenJDK 16, Tomcat 9

Windows 10 Pro, OpenJDK 11, Tomcat 8

macOS Big Sur, OpenJDK 15.0.2

macOS Mojave, Java SE Runtime Environment 12.0.2

Fedora 30/31, OpenJDK 15, Tomcat 9

Fedora 30/31, OpenJDK 8, Tomcat 8

[1]We recommend to use the latest Java JRE version available.

Important: Quuppa assumes no liability or responsibility whatsoever for the general recommendations provided in this document. Any and all liabilities and responsibilities of Quuppa are solely governed by legally binding agreements entered into by authorized signatories of Quuppa.