Zones are project objects that can be used to define certain areas within your tracking area. The QPE can calculate when certain tags have entered these defined zones, and use this information to provide data (e.g. how long an item remained in a certain zone) and enabling location-based commands (e.g. a change of tag state based on the zone in which it is located).

Zones can be added both to the project file and the customer application, depending on the use case. Wherever possible, we recommend adding the zones to the QSP project file (and using the zone information from the QSP in the customer application if needed) as this will enable the use of temporary commands (i.e. tag behaviour based on the zones that the tags are in) and other zone-based filtering to the solutions. For more information about tag behaviours, please see the Tag Configurations section.

This section will cover how to add zones as well as create smart zones and zone groups.