Q-Lite best practices

Quuppa technology has always been known to provide high accuracy and high reliability indoor positioning data. However, sometimes high accuracy and low latency location data is not necessary everywhere inside the tracking areas but instead, presence detection would have been enough for the desired use case (e.g. inventory management and space usage analysis). In such cases, the Q-Lite subscription can be a suitable option as it enables users to design for presence detection in areas where high accuracy is not required. With Q-Lite, the Quuppa system calculates the location of the tag based on RSSI value and it returns the location of the locator which receives the strongest signal from the tag.

In addition to location data, Q-Lite subscription also supports the Gateway feature, enabling the use of the existing Quuppa positioning infrastructure to gather third party information (e.g. heart rate, humidity and temperature sensor data) from the tags and Bluetooth® enabled devices in the tracked environment.

This document will walk through the ways to optimize your system when using the Q-Lite subscription to achieve the desired outcome for your use cases.