Tag Configurations

The Quuppa system tracks Bluetooth enabled devices (i.e. tags) that are typically attached to the items that need to be tracked by the system. The tag configurations, i.e. the behaviour of the tags, can be edited in the QSP. This section will cover how to set up tag configurations for your project and upload them into the standard Quuppa Tags using the QSP. Additionally, the section will walk you through setting up temporary commands for your project and how to enable them for both individual tags and tag groups.

Important: For Quuppa project deployment, Quuppa firmly recommends that only Quuppa Approved Tags and/or Quuppa Tested Devices will be used. Quuppa supports projects containing Quuppa Approved Tags, Tested Devices tags and emulated smart devices, e.g. smartphones and handheld scanners. The Quuppa smart device emulation library can be found here: https://github.com/quuppalabs/demo-android-quuppa-tag.Using non-tested third party tags (i.e. emulated tags) in a Quuppa project remains at customer's sole risk and customer's own support.