Locators are a core component of the Quuppa system. They are hardware devices that are deployed throughout the tracked environment to pick up radio packets from the tags and transfer them to the Quuppa Positioning Engine (QPE) for processing.

For best results with the tracking system, it is important to plan the Locator distribution and density carefully using the QSP before starting the physical implementation.

This section will guide you through using the Locator features in the QSP, including adding new Locators to your project, moving them around your project and deploying them.

Note: LD-series Locators

LD-series Locators will no longer work with release 8.0 and above. If you wish to continue using an existing project with LD-series Locators, or a project using mixed LD-series and Generation Q Locators, you will be limited to release 7.6 or below. LD-6L Focusing Locators can no longer be used with release 8.0.