Getting Started

Main View

The main view of the QSP is divided into the following sections:

  1. Menu Bar - provides access to QSP functions
  2. Bin Icon - deletes selected project objects
  3. Object Tree - shows the hierarchy of the objects in the project
  4. Map View - shows the project map
  5. Object Info Panel - shows parameter options for the selected object
  6. Map Controls - enables map view settings to be edited

Useful Icons

Here are some useful icons that are used in the QSP.

Icon Description
The selected object is visible on the map. Click to hide the object.
The selected object is hidden on the map. Click to show the object.
The object parameter is unlocked. Click to lock the parameter.
The object parameter is locked. Click to unlock the parameter.
The box next to the object heading shows the object colour. Click the box to change the colour.
The bin icon in the top left corner of the QSP allows you to delete selected project objects.

Useful Keyboard Shortcuts

The table below shows an overview of the most common keyboard shortcut that you can use in the QSP.

Shortcut Function Conditions
ctrl + 1 Add Zone
ctrl + 2 Add 2D Tracking Area
ctrl + 3 Add 3D Tracking Area
ctrl + 4 Add Opening
ctrl + A Select All
ctrl + B Add Background Image
ctrl + C Copy Works for Locators and zones. When used with Locators, the new Locator will inherit the name of the original Locator.
ctrl + D Open XY-Wizard Locator position needs to be unlocked and the Locator selected
ctrl + G Add Tag Group
ctrl + H Add Hole The tracking area needs to be selected
ctrl + I Identification Locator needs to be selected
ctrl + L Add Locator If an existing Locator is already selected, the new Locator will inherit the name from the selected Locator.
ctrl + M Add Trilateration Point
ctrl + O Open Project
ctrl + P Paste Works for Locators and zones
ctrl + S Save Project
ctrl + T Add Tape Measurement Need to click the map to add the first point to see the tape measurement line
ctrl + Z Undo
ctrl + shift + Z Redo
Tip: You can also check the shortcuts from the QSP as you are using the tool. You can find them in the menu items at the top.