Quuppa Positioning Engine User Manual

The Quuppa Positioning Engine (QPE) is the heart and soul of the Quuppa system. It takes data collected by the Locators over IPv4 network, uses advanced positioning algorithms to process that data in order to provide a location for tracked items in via standard JSON/REST pull and UDP push application programming interfaces (APIs), that can be seamlessly integrated with other system.

The QPE can be used for:

  • Tag & sensor monitoring: The QPE allows you to monitor detailed information for all of the tags in your project, both online and offline. This includes which tag is where and when, as well as data for troubleshooting tag performance. In addition to the tag location data, you can also use the QPE to monitor other sensor data if enabled for the tag, such as heart rate or temperature.
  • Remote commanding & configuration: The Quuppa BackChannels can be used to command & reconfigure tags remotely. The QPE manages the execution of these changes on site.
  • Telemetry & system monitoring : The QPE provides detailed information about overall system health (e.g. Locator, network and server machine details), that can be used for remote telemetry and monitoring applications and tools to optimise your system infrastructure based on your findings (e.g. for upgrading the Locator firmware).
  • Data logging: The QPE can also be used to save data from your operational system to a local file, so that it can be used for analysis and troubleshooting later.

While the Quuppa software suite provides you with the all the tools needed to run a Quuppa project, the Quuppa APIs enable you to implement your own custom applications using the data from the QPE. Quuppa provides APIs for retrieving and logging data using both JSON REST pull requests and UDP Push messages, that can be easily integrated into your end user application, giving you the flexibility to chose the solution that best fits your use case.

In this manual, you will find instructions for setting up your QPE, getting started with our Positioning Engine Web Console and an introduction to what you can do with the Quuppa APIs.

For more in depth information about the Quuppa APIs, please refer to our API documentation, available via the QPE Web Console or the Quuppa Customer Portal's Downloads section.

Note: For access to all of the features described in this manual, please use the latest software version. For best results, make sure that you update all of the Quuppa software at the same time. You can download the latest version from the Quuppa Customer Portal's Downloads section.
Note: LD-series Locators

If a QPE running release 8.0 notices any LD-series Locators within the network, it will not accept positioning data from them. A visual alert will be displayed within the QPE web UI to warn the end-user.

However, in the case of a mixed project, any Generation Q Locators will continue to provide the QPE with positioning data.