Enable WGS-84 Options

In the QSP, you can place a Quuppa project into the global coordinate system using the World Geodetic System (WGS-84) as the reference coordinate system. This enables the QPE to expose the latitude and longitude data based on the reference coordinate system for Quuppa projects through the API.

The feature is not enabled by default in the QSP and must be enabled manually before use.

Note: For more information about using the WGS-84 options, please see the Expose Global Reference Coordinates (WGS-84) section of this guide.
  1. Open the QSP.
  2. In the menu bar at the top, select the Settings menu and select Application Settings. The Application Settings window will open.
  3. Click the checkbox for Show WGS-84 options to activate the feature.
  4. Restart the QSP. The WGS-84 object will appear in the object tree after the QSP is restarted.