Add Smart Edge Snap

The Smart Edge Snap feature is an extension of the Smart Edge feature, which allows you to set a perimeter around a smart zone, so that tags positioned within the perimeter will be pulled back into the smart zone by the QPE. This feature helps the system mitigate challenges caused by radio propagation phenomena (like reflections) that sometimes cause the QPE to momentarily place tags outside the smart zone that they are actually in. The pull of the Smart Edge Snap only affects tags within the defined perimeter and tags that move outside of it will be positioned outside the smart zone as normal.
Tip: As the Smart Edge Snap is applied to smart zones, it is a good idea to also check out the Add Smart Edge section to make sure that your smart zones are set up correctly.

By default, the Smart Edge Snap is set to 1 meter and doesn't really need to be adjusted. However, if for some reason you do need to change the setting, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the project in the QSP.
  2. Create a Zone Groups for the zones that you want to edit the Smart Edge Snap for.
  3. In the panel on the right, select which tags will be affected by the Smart Edge to enable the Smart Edge features.

  4. Once the Smart Edge features have been enabled, you can edit the value for the Smart Edge Snap [m] property in the same panel on the right.

  5. To add zones to the Zone Group, use the object tree on the left to navigate zone or zones that you want to add and in the panel on to right select the relevant Zone Group.