Add Zones

Zones define certain areas within your tracking area. When tags enter these defined zones, the QPE can compute that the tag is now in the zone. This enables the system to analyse how long tags spend in different zones, and also enables the use of location-based temporary commands, so that tags behave a certain way when they enter the defined zones. For example, trigger a blinking LED on the tag or adjust the transmit frequency for the tag.
Note: The QPE will continuously check each tag's location against the defined zones in the project to determine which tags are in which zones. The total amount of zones you can have will depend on the system capacity. You can use the Quuppa System Simulator (QSS) to effectively evaluate whether you have sufficient capacity for your project. We recommend that you aim to limit the use of zones to areas where you actually need zonal information. A good rule of thumb is to limit the number of zones to a maximum of about 100.

To add new zones to your project file, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the project in the QSP.
  2. In the object tree on the left, select the coordinate system where you want to add the zone.
  3. In the menu bar at the top, open the Planning menu and select Add Zone.

    Tip: Alternatively, you can right-click on the zone object in the object tree and select Add Zone or use the shortcut ctrl + 1.
  4. A zone polygon will be added to the map view. To enable editing, click on the Edit polygon button in the panel on the right.

  5. Edit the polygon position and shape as needed by dragging and dropping the polygon corner markers into the right places. To get guidelines for perpendicular lines, you can hold down the ctrl + shift as you edit the polygon.
    Tip: To add polygon markers, click on the polygon edge. To remove polygon markers, right-click in the polygon market that you want to remove.

  6. Edit the zone properties according to the needs of your project. For more details on zone properties, see the Edit Zone Properties section.
    Tip: To enable temporary location-based commands for this zone, add it to a Zone Group and edit the group configurations accordingly. For more information, please see the Enable Location-Based Temporary Commands and Create Location-Based Temporary Commands sections of this guide.