Edit Tracking Area Polygon

The tracking area polygon is the area in which the QPE will calculate the position of tracked items such as tag and other Bluetooth devices. It is important to edit the tracking area polygon to precisely match the physical area that will be tracked in order to avoid using unnecessary QPE capacity to scan areas that do no need to be tracked. The steps below will show you how to edit the tracking area polygon.
  1. Open the project in the QSP.
  2. In the object tree on the left, select Tracking areas.

  3. In the panel on the right, click the Edit polygon button.

  4. This will activate the polygon points in the map view. Use the polygon points to edit the polygon to match desired areas in the background image. Here are some tips for editing the polygon:
    • To move a polygon point, click on the point and drag it to the desired location.
    • To add a polygon point, click on the polygon edge and drag the new point to the desired location.
      Tip: Alternatively, you can hold down Ctrl key and click on the desired location in the map view to add the new polygon point directly in the right place.
    • To delete a polygon point, right-click on the polygon point that you want to delete.
    • To snap the lines to make sure they are straight and at right angles from each other, along which to place the new polygon point, hold down the Shift key while adding new reference point.
    • To use guidelines for perpendicular lines, hold down the ctrl + shift as you edit the polygon.
    Tip: Wherever possible, edit the tracking area polygon to match the physical limitations of the area that you want to track rather than using holes at the edges of the area to shape the tracking area.
  5. Once you are happy with the tracking area shape, you can click on the background to deactivate the polygon editing mode.