Create, Copy, Import and Export Tag IDs

In some cases, you might not be able to use the Focusing Locator to read the Tag IDs and include them in the project. For this purpose it is possible to manually create tags by opening the System, selecting Create tag and inputting the tag ID.

Tip: If you are inputting multiple tag IDs, remember to use a comma (,) as the separator between the individual IDs.

To copy selected IDs, you can select the desired tags and then open the Selection menu and select Copy selected IDs. The IDs will be copied to you clipboard and you can paste to information to a file as you like.

If you want to export or import the tag IDs that are included in the project, you can do so by opening the System menu and selecting either Export tags as json or Import tags from json.

Note: The tag IDs will be exported or imported in JSON format. Exporting tags creates a file with the .quuppatagjson extension.