Positioning Engine Web Console

The Positioning Engine Web Console is a web-based application that allows you to interact with the Quuppa Positioning Engine (QPE). It can be used for monitoring the health of the Quuppa system as well as to prompt certain actions from the QPE, e.g. to run in tracking mode.

While the Positioning Engine Web Console can be used as is, it's also a representation of the type of dashboard that can be built for a Quuppa system using the Quuppa APIs.

This section will provide an overview of the features available in the Positioning Engine Web Console, how to use them and some generally useful tips for using the application. For example, the features available in the:

Note: For more detailed information about the Quuppa APIs, please refer to the our API documentation. Available either via the QPE Web Console or from the Quuppa Customer Portal's Downloads page.