Quuppa APIs

The Quuppa APIs are a collection of methods that make it possible to connect and interact with the Quuppa Positioning Engine (QPE) so that you can retrieve data from the QPE (e.g. location, sensor and telemetry data), configure and command tags remotely, implement telemetry and monitoring applications for your Quuppa systems and log data for analysis and troubleshooting later. The Positioning Engine Web Console is a graphical user interface that uses the Quuppa APIs to fetch the presented data.

The Quuppa APIs retrieve the needed data using either REST API or UDP push messages. As both options provide the same data, you can select which option best suits your use case. Just as you can select whether the response is provided in JSON or CSV format. For more on selecting the right options for you, please see Select an API Request & Output Format.

This section will cover a variety of basic topics to get you started with the Quuppa APIs, once your QPE is installed and your system up and running. For example:

For more detailed information about the API methods, e.g. the available fields and parameters, please refer to our API documentation available either via the QPE Web Console or from the Quuppa Customer Portal's Downloads page.