Locator Mount to Ceiling Truss - Q35

Equipment List:

  • Threaded Rod Beam Clamp (to accommodate ⅜’ or ½” threaded rod)
  • Threaded Rod (⅜” or ½”)
  • Junction Box (optional)
  • VESA 200 Mount Plate (w/center-drilled hole to accommodate attachment of ½” or ⅜” threaded rod)
  • ⅜” or ½” Nuts (for attaching VESA 200 Mount Plate to Threaded Rod)
  • M6 Bolts (no longer than 10mm)

An open ceiling truss is typically found in most industrial, manufacturing and distribution facilities, as well as some smaller scale facilities with an open ceiling. These support trusses are the most common mounting locations for Locator deployments.

The most cost effective method of mounting to these trusses is a Threaded Rod Beam Clamp. This allows for a threaded rod (typically ⅜”, or ½”) to be cut to a predetermined length and suspended from the threaded rod beam clamp to a predetermined height for mounting the Locator.

The Locator should typically be mounted at the same height as the lighting. There should be no obstructions between the Locator and the tracking area of the project. Mounting the Locator at the same height as the facility lighting usually avoids any obstructions overhead. The Locator should not be mounted within a metre (approx 3’) of any support columns or machinery/equipment that projects overhead.

A VESA 200 mounting plate can be mounted to the bottom of the threaded rod directly.
Note: Alternatively a junction box can be attached to the bottom of the threaded rod and the Locator mounting plate can be subsequently attached to the junction box.

The Locator attaches to the mounting plate using M6 bolts, no longer than 10mm.

When attaching the Locator to the mounting plate, ensure the Locator LED is aligned in the predetermined direction. This alignment must be as precise as possible. Typically the Locator LED will be aligned along the length of the truss and the LED of all installed Locators will be pointed in the direction of the same, predetermined wall.

Once the assembly is complete, the network cable providing connectivity to the locator can be secured to the threaded rod using a tie-wrap/zip-tie or a velcro strap.