Post Deployment

  1. Check that all important aspects of the deployment are documented. A sample network diagram with typical infrastructure information can be found at the end of this document.
    1. Server specifications - i.e. Operating System, RAM, CPU, QPE version
    2. Locator Information - Number or other identifier within the infrastructure, firmware version
    3. Switches, Routers, etc - IP Address, UDP Ports, VLAN’s
  2. Test and verify QPE integration through to the customer facing application.
    1. API Integration - is required information being received correctly and at the specified intervals?
    2. UDP Stream - is the data formatted properly, are the output targets and intervals correctly configured?
  3. Tag Connectivity and Tracking
    1. Are tags behaving properly - tracking properly, moving between triggered and default mode?
    2. If tags (or a specific group of tags) are being re-configured due Temporary Commands due to zones or other project aspects, are they being re-configured as they pass in and out of these zones? Is the Quuppa BackChannel functioning as it should?
    3. Are all of the tags configured to the same mode as the project - BLE or Proprietary?