Settings panel can be accessed through Settings button () on Timeline or from Window menu.


Adjust the grid size of the Heat map plot.


Location buffer length. In the Live View mode, new data is loaded into the Data Player’s memory in real-time. When the set limit for buffer length is reached, the application will begin to clear older data.


Use Active Clock. Disabling the Active Clock does not clear the existing Active Clock events.

Use absolute time. When enabled, DataPlayer shows the time when data was recorded. When disabled, DataPlayer shows relative time, i.e. the beginning of data is zero.

Lock Active Clock events or Note events on the Timeline. Locking the events only prevents accidentally touching them on the Timeline. They can still be deleted and edited using the corresponding buttons. Locking Active Clock events also disabled adding new Active Clock events on the Timeline.

Note counter next value. The note message can be written in advance to the Message field and a running number can be added to the note by typing $c. Using the Message field also prevents the pop-up window from opening when a note is added, which can be useful for example when adding several notes during playback.

Zone History

Set the row height for Zone history table.

Set the name for sum of selected Zones. See Zone table for defining which zones are included in the sum.