Network Configuration Guidelines for Quuppa Systems

A Quuppa System is made up of various hardware components (e.g. Locators, PoE switches, servers), the Quuppa software components (e.g. the Quuppa Positioning Engine) as well as cabling to connect these components. For the system to work seamlessly, it is important to plan the network configurations for the deployment carefully. The purpose of this document is to support you in this planning process by providing an overview of basic networking concepts and architectures as well as share some best practices that we have learned over the years.

Note: The current recommended best practices are according to the best available knowledge at the time of writing this guide and are subject to change in the future as the Quuppa technology evolves.

The scope is limited to network configurations directly relating to Quuppa systems. For more detailed information about networks in general, particularly in large-scale deployments, we recommend that you contact a networking specialist.