Quuppa for Enterprise

Quuppa for Enterprise is a solutions that enables you to easily manage all of your Quuppa sites through one platform. The solution was designed to enable customers with multiple sites running Quuppa infrastructure to monitor, update and adjust their systems remotely, improving the scalability of the Quuppa system for enterprise customers.

The key benefits of this new solution are:

  • Scalability - Quuppa for Enterprise has a cloud-based architecture that allows the Quuppa system to scale to multiple sites alongside your business needs.
  • Simple Management - Quuppa for Enterprise introduces the Quuppa Site Manager, which enables the remote management of Quuppa systems, meaning that you can now monitor, update and make needed changes to your Quuppa sites without needing to be physically on site at each facility to implement any changes. With easy upgrades and downgrades for all the elements of the Quuppa system, Quuppa for Enterprise makes it easier to test new software versions and push them into production.
  • Cloud-based APIs - Quuppa for Enterprise offers a more modernized, secure way to connect to Quuppa APIs. Each QPE connected to Quuppa Site Manager can be controlled via its own API endpoint through the Site Manager. This access is secured with API tokens that can be generated and managed through the Site Manager’s secure user interface.

For more information, please contact your Quuppa sales representative.