Quuppa Reference Projects

To help you get started with our software products, we have created some reference project files. These projects contain key elements that are typically used in projects for certain types of deployments. You can use the Quuppa Site Planner (QSP) software to explore the project elements, start getting to grips with the tools and even use the project files as a base template for your own project.

To get started, you will need the following:

  • Access to the Quuppa Customer Portal
  • The reference project file, downloaded from the Quuppa Customer Portal's Downloads section.
  • The QSP software installed onto your computer. For access to the latest version, please download it from the Quuppa Customer Portal's Downloads section.

This document will walk you through the different objects that can be found in the reference projects and explain why the applied settings and chosen objects are relevant for the use cases in question. The aim is to give you an overview of the types of settings and choices that need to be considered to get the very best out of the system in different environments.

The document follows a typical order of building up a quuppa project, layer by layer, providing use case specific information along the way:

  1. Creating a new project file
  2. Importing & scaling a background image
  3. Adding & modifying the tracking area
  4. Adding Locators, checking their coverage & editing the sensitivity settings
  5. Adding zones, smart zones & zone groups
  6. Creating tag groups & select tag configurations
  7. Creating additional coordinate systems

Each section of this document will walk you through the typical project settings and configurations for a specific use case.