Quuppa Verified Sensors

Quuppa System (release 7.4 onwards) has a Gateway feature enables using selected Q17 Locators and Q35 Locators act as gateways and pass third party data onto the Quuppa Positioning Engine (QPE), through which the data can be retrieved using the Quuppa APIs. This means that in addition to location data, the Quuppa system can be used to collect various other kinds of data from Bluetooth® enabled devices in the environment (e.g. heart rate, humidity and temperature sensor data) without the need for additional gateway hardware, or affecting the positioning performance of the system. By default, the feature is disabled, but can be taken into use by editing the Locator configurations in the QSP to apply Gateway Filters that will enable scanning for the types of data that you are interested in. More information: Use the Locator Gateway Filters.

Sensor devices enable and enrich customer use cases when combined with the location data. Sensors may be monitoring environmental conditions, or they may also provide with critical data about person or asset they are attached to. Such data serve a signal for required maintenance need of a machine, or e.g. provide behavioral insights of the animal wellbeing. To sum it up, only imagination sets the limits when generating meaningful outcome by using different sensors.

Get your sensors verified by Quuppa

Quuppa has tested variety of sensor devices, and verified that the BLE packets broadcasted by those devices come nicely through via QPE API. These Verified Sensors will eventually have pre-defined filters available in the Quuppa Site Planner. The list of Verified Sensors is continuously be extended with new devices, and therefore we encourage our Partners to reach us out with the sensor devices they would like to get verified and added by Quuppa. 

Three easy steps to get your sensor device listed here and verified by Quuppa:

  1. Submit a Contact Form with the basics of your company and describe the sensors you wish to get verified by us.
  2. Prepare to send a PDF or URL to your sensor device’s datasheet including the BLE packet structure..
  3. Once you get a confirmation from us, please, to ship us (Espoo, Finland) three functioning sample for the verification testing.

Quuppa Verified Sensors

BlueBeacon Ultra Deluxe

Manufacturer: BlueUp

S4 Door

Manufacturer: Minew

E6 Light Sensor

Manufacturer: Minew

Vibration Sensor Model MSV01

Manufacturer: Minew


Manufacturer: Ruuvi

More coming soon..

Sensors Feature Matrix

BrandNameImageAccelerometerTemperatureHumidityPressureCO2LightMagnetometerVibrationPassive Infrared
BlueUpBlueBeacon Ultra DeluxeBlueBeacon Ultra DeluxeCheck Check Check Check Check
MinewS4 Door Sensor S4 door sensorCheck
MinewE6 Light Sensor E6 Light SensorCheck
MinewMSV01 Vibration SensorMSV01 Vibration SensorCheck
RuuviRuuviTagRuuviTagCheck Check Check Check

Quuppa Verified Sensor Providers

Frequently Asked Questions

No, it doesn’t. It CAN be. It only need broadcast standard BLE-packets.

As long as we are able create filter to capture BLE-packets device transmit, there is no problem is device also communicates with other protocol between the BLE-packets.

XY-Positioning on requires that device also send Quuppa Direction Finding Packets as specified in Quuppa Tag Emulation using Bluetooth Wireless Technology.

For time being, verification is free of charge for device vendor.

The best would be to contact the sensor vendor, and request the datasheet that contains the structure of BLE packets that device broadcasts, and send to us to review. You could also ask vendor/manufacturer’s interest to get their device verified by Quuppa and ask them to contact us for shipping the required samples.

Gateway feature supports standard BLE channels. Proprietary channels can be used to send DF-packets interleaving the BLE-packets, but this is up to firmware developer.

Currently there is no option to sensor as stationary device.

No, you can configure only tag running Quuppa Tag FW/library with the Focusing Locator.

Sensor manufacturer may implement support for using QPE APIs and Back Channel to send commands to the sensor device. Specification for implementing such support can be found from Quuppa Customer Portal by name Quuppa Tag Back Channel using Bluetooth Wireless Technology.

Yes, but only if it implements Quuppa DF-packets.

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