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The Quuppa Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) platform offers tremendous new possibilities in a variety of popular sports like ice-hockey, football, basketball, horse racing and swimming. Sports becomes more entertaining for the fans. Sports arenas, TV broadcasters and betting companies can offer fans and customers better digital services and create new sources of income. Coaches, teams and athletes get location based data for improving training and performance.

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3 Key Benefits of RTLS in Sports

Unique Sports Experiences RTLS offers sports arena owners, TV broadcasting companies and betting companies’ new possibilities for creating interactive and unique sport events. 

Engage the sports audience and fans during the sports event and every day with interactive visitor applications.

Provide real-time sports statistics for the fans of e.g. favorite players or teams during and after the game.

Give guidance or additional content based data and services on how the visitor moves in the arena.

Deeper Insights and New Training Tools

With RTLS coaches get deeper insights with unique real-time data by tracking individual athletes and sports equipment or the whole team performance.

Help coaches in their daily work by providing useful information for analyzing the game and the performance of players and athletes.

Coaches can fine-tune training methods with location-based data in matches and training sessions.

Real-time visibility: Keep track of the exact location of every player and athlete on the field and in the sports arenas.

More Digital Services and Better Space Usage

By adding location data to existing systems will enable a wide range of value added services and solutions. Advanced digital services, like mobile apps, TV broadcasts, and betting services providers can benefit from real time data.

The same systems used to deliver content to customers can also be used for access management and safety applications without any additional infrastructure. Children can e.g. be located in sports arenas in a case of an emergency.

Integration with mobile apps enables e.g. food pre-orders and payments on a location-enabled mobile app at the arena. Customers can be located by food runners without delay. Gain insight into the profile of visitors to improve the services at the arena.

Analyze visitor flows to help you optimize the arena's floor space and layouts.

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YMCA Crossroads

“Nagi really has the most interactive pool technology in the entire world. As we’ve connected with Nagi, this has been a seamless process for the management and the members.”

Chief Executive Officer
Crossroads YMCA

Finnish Hockey League

“We’re really excited about all opportunities that we have. We can build the ultimate fan experience, or we can equip the teams with professional tools and services. We can probably generate new revenue streams that we don’t even know yet.”

Chief Digital Officer

Affordable tags Tough,
and Accurate Enough for Sports

Tags have a key role in RTLS performance. They need to be rugged, have versatile mounting methods and a high-performing, omnidirectional radiating antenna that can cope with the many obstacles in the industry environment. Our partner tags are rigorously tested to meet the highest standards and are more affordable than hardware needed for systems using other technologies

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