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Location Services – Making Buildings Smarter

Most people spend the vast majority, about 90% according to Forbes, of their day indoors, i.e. in artificial environments. At the same time, now more than ever, we are concerned about the impact that our lifestyle choices have on our health. As a result, we are starting to demand more from our indoor spaces, especially our working environments where we spend a large portion of our day.

office in a smart building

Improving Security with Smart Buildings

Security and safety are important factors to consider in large facilities where people come and go every day. It is important to make sure that people are safe in both normal and unexpected conditions (e.g. emergencies). Location services are in a unique position to provide security and safety solutions by monitoring the environment while intervening minimally in the everyday processes of the building.

Access Control

Visitor Management

Automate Emergency Procedures

Location services can significantly improve the safety of workers and the security of buildings by providing solutions in real-time. While providing added safety, they also improve user experience by creating a smoother flow through the building.

Smarter Buildings Increase Efficiency

Operational efficiency is a factor that affects all smart building stakeholders. For property owners, more efficient buildings are more profitable. For service providers, streamline operations are both more profitable and easier to run. For customers, efficiently operated spaces are easier to use, reduce costs and improve brand image. End users enjoy a well run and easy to use space.

Optimise Spaces

Optimise Operations

Cost Savings

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Location services provide many opportunities to improve the operational efficiency of smart buildings. They can be used to automate processes within the building in addition to providing a channel for direct user feedback to service providers.

Enhancing User Experience

User experience is often one of the core motivations for implementing smart building solutions. It is something that service providers and customers can offer to their end users to boost the feeling of satisfaction and well-being.

Increase Happiness

Improve Well-Being

Increase Performance

Encourage & Accelerate Collaboration

Improve Visitor Navigation

By creating adaptive environments, we can reduce employee stress levels, improve their overall health and in some cases even reduce the amount of sick leave taken. Location services offer many potential solutions for improving the user experience of buildings, leading to happier and healthier end users.

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