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The Quuppa Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) platform enables you to see every process and person in your office in real-time. This gives you the power to understand your business better, solve problems quicker, and create a smart environment that gives people exactly what they need, when they need it, so they can focus on what matters most.

3 Key Benefits of RTLS for Smart Office

Tighter Safety & Security

Knowing the exact location of all people in your office in real-time gives you greater control over security and empowers you to react quicker in the case of emergencies.

  • Social distancing: Data from employee tags lets you know the exact locations of all people in the building to make sure they stay physically distanced and alerts them if they get too close.


  • Contact tracing: Live and recorded data makes it easy to trace the contact and location history of employees in the case of infection.


  • Hand hygiene compliance: Smart-zone technology makes employees more accountable, traceable and compliant with hand hygiene measures.


  • Office cleanliness: A real-time view of office usage helps to closely manage office cleaning requirements and have insight into air quality.

  • Automatically unlock doors for authorised employees as they approach.
  • Allow visitors into restricted areas if accompanied by an authorised employee.

  • Identify who is and is not present at evacuation assembly points.
  • Reduce rescue times by knowing the exact location of those needing help.

Access control office

Happy & Productive Employees

Real-time tracking instantly connects the people in your office to each other and the resources and spaces they need to feel more engaged, comfortable and empowered to do their best work.

Use an app to quickly search for:

  • A quiet workspace or meeting room
  • Working printers
  • Colleague or visitor locations
  • Open parking spaces
  • The number of people in an area

  • Improve layouts according to insights on how people move, behave and interact.

  • Automatically adjust lighting and temperature based on peoples’ preferences, the weather or the number of people in the building.

  • Leverage tracking technology for gamification for special occasions.
  • Run well-being initiatives that encourage and track movement.

Smooth & Cost-effective Operations

Understanding exactly how people move and operate through the office gives you golden insights into ways to save time, money and energy. 

  • Alert service providers when issues arise using sensors or by easily reporting through the system.
  • Immediately identify the source of issues to reduce downtime.

  • Get insights into workflows and how space is used. 
  • Improve operations and layouts to make workflows run smoother, quicker and more profitably.

  • Cut your company costs and carbon footprint by automatically switching off air-conditioning and electronic devices when not used.

Download Our Exclusive Guide on RTLS for Smart Office

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Smart Offices in Action

Watch how Solution Partner Haltian is leveraving Quuppa RTLS technology for their Emphatic Building Solutions.

Watch how Solution Partner HB Reavis is leveraving Quuppa RTLS technology for their Symbiosy Solution.

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