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Joining forces to take location-based technology to the world.
“Through Quuppa, we were partnered with Thinkinside. Thinkinside, coupled with Quuppa, has been one of the best experiences we’ve had of putting two technologies together in a true partnership. Partnership that’s built on trust. Partnership that’s built on ethics. Partnership that’s built on execution.”
John Buskermolen
iVirtualize | Quuppa Partner

We're on a clear mission with our partners

Like you, we fiercely believe in indoor positioning’s potential to make the way we live and work smarter, safer and smoother. While we’re committed to offering the most accurate and reliable positioning platform, it’s our partners leveraging our technology that makes what we do matter.
Our vision goes beyond us.

We’ve set our sights on creating a world where indoor positioning technology is used everywhere, every day.

There’s only one way to get there – together.

3 Reasons for Joining QuuppaOne


A Globally Expanding Community

Access a global network of more than 200 partners to collaborate and gain leverage for your solutions and services. 

Our growing network includes:

  • Solution Partners 
  • System Integrators
  • Tag Partners
  • Technology Partners


Our Investment in Partner Success

Supporting the success of all our partners is at the core of the QuuppaOne Partner Program, whether through collaborating, connecting or consulting. Our Partner Programs offer a range of benefits designed to help our partners succeed:

  • Co-marketing & Events
  • Partner communications
  • Rewards & Training
  • Sales and technical resources


Leverage Leading Technology

The Quuppa Intelligent Locating System™ is synonymous with accuracy and reliability. The proven success of our platform has helped our partners provide impactful solutions for the healthcare, manufacturing, sports, retail and smart building industries.

What our partners say

Join QuuppaOne

Learn more about the different ways to partner with us.

Become a
Solution Partner

Leverage the proven power of The Quuppa Intelligent Locating System™ to create impactful indoor positioning solutions.

Become a
Tag Partner

Join the world’s largest tag partner ecosystem and become a manufacturer of Quuppa-certified tags.

Become a Technology Partner

Join our network of partners specialising in technologies that support the building of a location-enabled world.

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