Quuppa System Simulator (QSS)

The Quuppa System Simulator (QSS) creates a virtual Quuppa system that enables the development and testing of applications, system components and interfaces, as well as testing hardware capacity to verify deployment plans before carrying out physical implementation.

Simulate Test Environments

The Quuppa System Simulator works just like a regular project with QSP & QPE but just adds paths for simulated tags. QSS is used to design, develop & test your applications and as well as components which interface with the Quuppa system.

Dimensioning Hardware Capacity

QSS allows you to dimension your hardware capacity to ensure you have the correct hardware in place to be able to support your project.

Verify Deployment Plans

Use the QSS to ensure that you have verified your deployment plan before carrying out the physical installation of your Locators.

Training & Learning

The QSS provides the perfect platform for you to get to know the Quuppa system and will be confident using the tools with a live deployment.

How to get started

The Quuppa Development Kit is meant to be used for evaluating the Quuppa Intelligent Locating Systemâ„¢, studying system integration feasibility, and building software applications and services for demonstration purposes.

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