QT1 Module

The Quuppa QT1 Module is a PCB-module to be integrated into custom designed mechanics or other devices. You can find the QT1 inside many of our Partner’s tags, as well as our own QT1-1 Tag

Technical Specification

Dimensions 26.6mm x 24.5mm x 1.7mm
Weight 1.5g
Connectivity nRF52832 Bluetooth
Power External 3.0V (not supplied)
Functionality Button, LED, Accelerometer, I/O Pins, Quuppa Firmware Library Compatibility
Operating Temperature -30°C to +85°C

Tag Firmware Libraries

Quuppa tag firmware libraries are used to make existing Bluetooth® Low Energy devices Quuppa-compatible, with a full range of functionalities.

How to get started

Quuppa Development Kit is meant to be used for evaluating the Quuppa Intelligent Locating System™, studying system integration feasibility, and building software applications and services for demonstration purposes.

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